Candles and Ambience

Just before last Christmas I spent a few days in Paris, I had done most of my Christmas shopping in London so my trip was solely to catch up with a dear friend and to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.
Ambience was in great abundance, we walked and walked and the smell of chocolate, coffee and vanilla followed us everywhere.

Our walk took us along the rue du Bac and into Le Bon Marche, the perfect place to rest weary legs and tired feet –
Le Bon Marche houses, amongst many other beautiful perfume brands, the Lola James Harper lifestyle candle and fragrance boutique, I am a great fan of Rami Mekdachi and was very keen to see this collection –james-candle
He is considered an expert in creating ambience scents for cult Parisian venues and has worked with some of the World’s leading and intriguing brands.

The candle and EDTs have been inspired by Mekdachi’s love of life, his love of fragrance, his family and many friends, from musicians, artists, singers, perfumers, coffee roasters and designers – these nostalgic encounters have formed the building block of this charming candle collection.

Paris has always been considered a style destination and I found it a great inspiration for my own business, a trip to the City would often introduce me to the most exciting of ideas and fuel my desire for something different to offer my clients.

scented-candle-brown-250-grI remember being introduced to the Costes Hotel candle over 14 years ago and thinking it was such an amazing and different smell – at that time the dense, dark rather mysterious notes of rum, black musk, mahogany and waxed wood oozed style and glamour.
Mekdachi had wholly captured the ambience of the Hotel, the design, the music, the décor and the fashionable crowd who stayed there.

Spraying the Costes room spray or lighting this elegant candle will continually remind me of a very special time in my own life.   Personally I think it will always remain a very Parisian smell, as soon as we arrive at our tiny Studio in Paris, I light this candle and the ambience begins.


The glamorous and luxury bookshop, Assouline at 35, rue Bonaparte have created The Library Collection, 5 candles, – Culture Lounge, Havana Candle, Leather Candle, Paper Candle and Wood Candle –img_6063_2

Each one is designed to remind us of a library, a reading room and the reader’s books.

The Proustian phenomenon proposing that distinctive smells have more power than any other sense to help us recall distant memories is supported by our continuing appetite for these imaginative lifestyle candles.




Lola James Harper candles are available at Selfridges, London
Assouline at 196A Piccadilly, London W1J 9DY