Pop-Up boutiques in Les Jardins du Palais Royal are very much what you might expect from this elegant location tucked away behind La Comédie- Française in the busy 1st arrondissement of Paris.

Last week wandering through the Gardens I came across the tiny pop-up boutique, Sabah –
This Atelier is the brainchild of Mickey Ashmore who in 2013 created a magical pair of leather shoes with a family of craftsmen in South East Turkey, he called them Sabahs, an original shoe based on a tradional shoe making method.  Every pair of Sabahs is handstitched using specially tanned leathers, they are said to age gracefully and become even better and more comfortable with age.
The choice of colours and patterns are fabulous, they look great worn with casual attire, more dressy or evening occasions and are perfect for all ages.








Walking further along the inner arcades of the Gardens the pop up perfumery, Liquides Imaginaires is a must stop for quality niche perfume enthusiasts.  These fragrances, created in 2012 – 2013 as two trilogies were born from the creative forces of Philippe Di Méo, designer-creator, olfactive copywriter and David Frossard, Distributor-Philosopher.
The fragrances, potion or antidote symbolise good and evil, day and night, wisdom and intoxication. opposing yet inseparable.

Coming together this duo has delved into an adventure with one recurring theme, “the power of scent”. Throughout their connection ideas have been infused, smells soaked to the brim and each fragrance is the fruition of their respective beliefs, which is to create scents like enigmas, an interpretation of thoughts, intentions and confessions.

Enticed by smell, Frossard and Di Méo have transformed perfume into a magical substance, Liquides Imaginaires is described as volatile bodies that help leave the material world and cross into imaginary, intimate worlds where the spirit scatters to explore other horizons and new desires.
The six fragrances, Sancti, A Heavenly Fragrance – Fortis, A fragrance for Reincarnation – Tumultu, A fragrance for Wild Abandon, Dom Rosa, A perfume for Passion – Bloody Wood, A perfume for Challenges – Bella Rabelo, a perfume of Adventure and the candle Sang Noir can be found in Paris, London, New York and Milan.

Later this month Liquides Imaginaires will be launching a new fragrance, Fleuve Tendre, Tender River – this perfume is inspired by love and the odyssey of risk, and the taste for secret and delicious love affairs.
Imagination is at the heart of all perfume and this new opus of imaginary water will be much anticipated by fans of this quality, creative and daring perfume brand.

Finally our afternoon at Les Jardin du Palais Royal was made complete with coffee and cake at Villalys.


Les Liquides Imaginaires are currently at 65 Galerie Montpensier until 30 June 2017.
Their boutique is at 9 rue de Normandie Paris 75003
Sabah shoes can be contacted at
Main photo  – Place Dauphine, Ile de la Cité