Paris Parks and Gardens

Often the most treasured of times will be the enjoyment of a relaxing stroll, Paris is regarded as one of the favourite cities for the flaneur and is perhaps home to some of the most beautiful parks and gardens in Europe.

When in Paris I always make time to visit Le Jardin du Palais Royal, these elegant gardens were built by the French Architect and Engineer, Jacques Lemercier for Cardinal Richelieu in 1663 and contain some 500 trees including four double lines of lime trees planted in the 1970s and red horse- chestnuts planted in 1910.

The peaceful gardens are surrounded by the most superb architecture and are a firm favourite for locals and tourists alike, beautiful perfumeries, designer boutiques, old style ateliers and restaurants are housed within the arcades creating the perfect distraction to a leisurely stroll.

It is home to La Comédie Française and the famous Le Grand Véfour restaurant which is considered the finest gourmet rendezvous of the Parisian political, artistic and literary society for more than 200 years.

At a more relaxed level a baguette lunch can be enjoyed sitting around the centre fountain with a game of Boules to follow.

The main courtyard (known as cour d’Honneur) of the Palace is separated from the garden by 280 black and white striped octagonal columns of unequal height. These were designed by Daniel Buren in 1986 and although welcomed as a piece of contemporary art, they were also quite controversial at the time.

Despite the peaceful elegance the gardens are often very busy, they are a desirable film location –  one of my favourite films, Charade made in 1963, a romantic comedy (sadly these type of films don’t seem to be made anymore)  starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant was almost entirely filmed in Paris. The two most exciting scenes being in the Colonnades of the Jardin du Palais Royal and the theatre of La Comédie Française.

The quirkiness and humour in the gardens will often catch you off guard …..

taking the parrot for a walk

ihair-salonA quick outdoor shampoo

and finally


a special older, refined and wiser elegance..