Pont Alexandre 111

Walking through Paris last week, with temperatures feeling more like Spring than mid winter, was a wonderful out of season pleasure.

Although Paris is still tinged with sadness after the 13 November events, the eloquence and elegance remains –

Of the many bridges crossing the Seine the Pont Alexandre 111 is the one which always takes my breath away – it is perhaps considered one of the grandest bridges in Paris but it is more the wonderful view of Paris which lovers of the City find so beguiling, the fabulous historical architecture surrounding the famous river, the Eiffel Tower rising up majestically in the background, a skyline which has remained almost uniquely unchanged for over a 100 years.


Away from the Bridges and the Seine, Christmas was very evident in Paris and although it might have seemed more quieter than usual this year, the large stores, smaller boutiques and street decorations were all in place to welcome the Christmas spirit.





Merry Christmas London

Joyeux Noel Paris